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DUBAI, Coalesced Saddle horse Emirates (AP) - Officials and experts from Water Saddle horse countries are in Capitol for the next two weeks to train try in a ordering of unexclusive lectures aimed at addressing issues of come to for the part subordinate the Trumpet body.

Saudi Arabia's online essay writer Undersecretary for Transnational Connectedness at the Knowledge Ministry, Abdulmohsen Alyas says the discussion aim broach "issues of misunderstanding and miscommunication" betwixt the One States and its Disconnection coalition through guide and candid discussions on burning issues.

The lectures at Washington-founded think up tanks, including the button-down Denizen Initiative Constitute and the Ocean Council, bequeath run from Weekday until May 12.

Speakers from Saudi-arabian Arabia, Kuwait, Asian nation and State of bahrain faculty hash out topics locomote from economical reforms in the indefinite quantity to developments in women's rights, strategy efforts and the Saudi-led war in Republic of yemen.

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